1.1. Reflexivity within Practice As Research

Image of presentation slide with name and title of the presentationSeminar on the 6th October 2021: Reflexivity within Practice As Research.

In their presentations Dr Marquard Smith and Dr Bruno de Paula explore what it means to be reflexive within Practice As Research and how reflexivity may be attended to differently, depending on disciplinary conventions and perceptions of what constitutes Practice As Research.

Download Dr Smith’s slides and the case study resource he talks about in his presentation.
Download Dr de Paula’s slides.

Dr Marquard Smith collaborates with cultural organizations as a curator and programmer. He thinks of curating and programming as critical pedagogical practices, and opportunities for “learning in public”, to extend academia’s responsibilities into the public domain, in order to engage publics beyond higher education, and expand the places in which (and thus the ways in which) learning might take place. He is committed to curating/programming as a praxis that’s generative of new ways of thinking, seeing, knowing, and doing.

Dr Bruno de Paula’s work delves into questions of representation, identities and meaning-making in and through digital games. In this talk, he will reflect on his experiences as game designer and facilitator of game-making within cultural organisations and schools, discussing how a reflexive approach to participatory research can support a more critical and less homogenising engagement with these kinds of practices.

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