Poetry As Research on SAGEMethodspace

  The founders of the Poetry As Research group Áine McAllister and Nicole Brown were invited to contribute to the SAGEMethodspace website. The SAGEMethodspace currently focuses on practitioner research and creative research practices. Áine and Nicole were asked to offer a brief introduction to Practice As Research and to Poetic Inquiry, as well as to […]

Poetry As Research readings

The Poetry As Research group is a reading and discussion group offering an opportunity to learn about, review and critique poetic pieces emerging from autoethnographic or ethnographic research, poetic inquiry and other Poetry As Research work. Here is a list of readings that have been discussed and that may be helpful for anyone interested in […]

Poetic Inquiry: Alone in a group

The Poetry As Research group has submitted the following abstract to the International Symposium on Poetic Inquiry 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa, from the 25th to the 27th of May 2022. Alone in a Group: Silence and Invisibility in the Academy The power of poetry in/as research and the effectiveness and impact of poetic […]

1.2. Voice, Authority and Truth

Seminar on the 3rd November 2021: Voice, Authority and Truth. Áine McAllister presents a poetic output from a recent poetic inquiry project to frame a discussion on applied ethnopoetic analysis as a means of revealing voice, the ethical considerations of representation and ‘ownership’ and share reflections on the intersection between ethnopoetics as a linguistic analysis […]

Practice As Research

  Practice As Research aims to bring together the many different strands of practice-led/based research across all disciplines so as to not be limited by disciplinary conventions, but instead to benefit from cross-disciplinary fertilisation.   We consider Practice As Research any practice that is underpinned by scholarship and academic rigour. Our primary aim is sharing […]